‚Äč SPA Orlando Lashes By Brandy

Katie K.

          "I just moved to the area from New York where I had done my lashes done for over a year. The quality was mediocre, but then again so was the price. I did some heavy Google research on reputable spas/technicians around Orlando. I was a bit turned off by the price at Orlando Spa Lash initially as I'm a middle class citizen however in my research, Brandy's price is most comparable to salons here (not to mention she runs deals). I am a Registered Nurse so I am aware of anatomy and the importance of a thorough and clean job, I mean these are your eyes! When I first walked in the spa was clean and I was handed a 7+ page packet to fill out regarding my health history and the products I use, this right away impressed me as I mentioned before, very thorough! Once I met Brandy she was warm, inviting and right away I could tell she was beyond knowledgeable and very passionate about her job. She took the time to take the old lashes off, clean my real lashes, and used TWO tweezers (which is how it's done correctly!) to separate each individual lash to place the synthetic. My lashes have never looked better, I'm telling you!!! She spent 3 hours on me my first session and almost two for my first fill. She gives you detailed verbal and written instructions how to make your lashes last, and they really do!!! I am a lifer customer of Brandy's now that I've discovered her!"

   Allison R.

      "Brandy has been doing my lash extensions for about 2 years and I love them. In the beginning I was nervous about getting them but, she made me feel comfortable by explaining in detail the entire procedure, how to care for them, and follow up fills. 

     While having them put on I feel very relaxed, there are times I even dose off. Brandy's touch is soft and she makes you feel at ease. The lashes are fabulous. Saves me time getting ready as  I don't have to put on mascara and my eyes look natural, not like I have on fake eyelashes.

   Kailey W.

        "Brandy has applied eyelash extensions a couple of times for me now and everytime she was very gentle. She explained the entire process very well and the application time went pretty quick. My lashes looked good for 3 weeks before I began to notice any thinning. The lashes  look incredible for the first couple of weeks, but they also look amazing with a little mascara! I would highly recommend lashes done by Brandy! She does a wonderful job!"

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