First Time Clients

Signature Mink Full Set      $225

1-2 Week Retouch $45 

2-3 Week Retouch $60

3-4 Week Retouch $75

REAL Siberian Mink Fur Full Set      $275 

1-2 Week Retouch $75

3-4 Week Retouch $110

Signature Mink Partial Set       $150

1-2 Week Retouch $30

3-4 Week Retouch $60

We DO retouch Lash extensions from other salons, however, the retouch pricing is up to the Lash Technician's discretion based on the current condition of your lash extensions. 

NOTE *Last service must be no more than 2 weeks.

Returning Client Full Set       $150

*When last service was past 5 weeks or remaining lashes are fewer than 5 per eye.

Lash Removal (30 to 45 min.)       $50

Our Lash Services and Pricing

​ SPA Orlando Lashes By Brandy

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