Our Lash Designer


After having her own eyelashes extended for the first time and seeing the stunning difference that a set of mink lashes can make, Brandy was inspired to specialize in lash extensions herself. She is a licensed facial specialist with very high standards when it comes to safe and hygienic eyelash application. A perfectionist by nature, she is known for her
meticulous attention to detail, which helps her style lashes beautifully, sculpting them to your eye and eyebrow shape so you get a full, luscious, spectacular set of lashes that suits your face perfectly.

Brandy says: "I'm still thrilled every time I give a client lash extensions and see her renewed confidence and pride in her appearance. When a client comes to me for  lash extensions, I take into consideration every detail of her face and her personal style in order to choose the best length, curl and thickness for her eyes. My passion for timeless beauty is best reflected in the smiles and amazement of my clients when they see their own lashes transformed as mine were years ago when I first discovered lash extensions!"

 Clients love the natural look and feel of Brandy’s eyelash extensions as well as how easy and relaxing she makes the process. Brandy’s passion for timeless beauty and artistry breathes life into her work, and her dedication to individualized customer service is her formula for gaining loyal clients. She achieves the greatest satisfaction when she sees the confidence
and pride her clients take in their appearance, and cherishes the opportunity to make her client’s look and feel their best. 

​ SPA Orlando Lashes By Brandy

FL License- FB9747742

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